Prismata is a fast-paced hybrid strategy game that borrows familiar elements from real-time strategy games, collectible card games, and tabletop strategy games, combining them in a radical new way.
I was Lead Artist for this browser based game. I developed the look for the game. It was also my job to create all UI assets and effects. With the exception of the in game backgrounds and card unit images, all art was done by me. Other aspects of my role included communicating and providing feedback to contract artists, concepting and sketching, creating all assets for marketing and branding. Be that for print materials or for game trailers and promotional videos.
All assets were created using Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Illustrator and Premiere.

Important Links:
Campaign background. The blank space on the left is for in game menus and buttons.
In game art
Logo treatments.
Menu concepts.
Early game UI concepts.
In game animations.

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