Here is a selection of additional projects, both old and recent. With the exception of Attack of the Mutant Penguins, I was responsible for all the art here.
At Digital Extremes I made a number of logo indents. These were made to reflect the tone and aesthetic of the game. I was also responsible for a number of 'Death Movies' for Darkness 2. The player would see these when they died in game. For the concept and execution I was given free rein. All work was in After Effects.
The full rundown, in order, is as follows.
Standard Digital Extremes logo
'Darkness 2' (Unused)
'Warframe' (Unused)
'Retro Pinball'
'Evolution'. Name for Digital Extremes' in-house engine.
'Darkness 2'. Logo treatment for game (Unused)
'Lotus' (now Warframe). Logo treatment for game (Unused)
'Asylum Death'. Darkness 2
'Carnival Death'. Darkness 2
'Graves TV'. Darkness 2. Took in-game footage and gave it a hand-held camera look.
'Mind Meld'. Star Trek The Game. Proof of Concept for mind melding.
Iridis (WIP) (iOS)
Heat Signature Art Test
My submission for the artist position on Tom Francis' game "Heat Signature".
Pocket Mini Golf (Pocket PC and Palm OS)
Attack of the Mutant Penguins (Atari Jaguar)
Shirley Muldowney's Drag Race Championship
For 2013 “I am a Gamer” game jam.
Bouncing Penguins (Working title)
Unreleased iOS game.

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